The Traitors: Uncloaked


2 million+

viewers per episode

4.4 million viewers

for final episode

7x more viewers

than BBC 2 slot average


The show that changed the face of podcasting in 2024! The Traitors: Uncloaked was the first ever podcast for TV. It was a hugely ambitious companion podcast that was distributed on BBC2 linear TV, went onto the BBC iPlayer, and also onto BBC Sounds where listeners could enjoy a bonus, exclusive 15 minutes of additional content they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Joined by celebrity guests and past players, host Ed Gamble brought all the cliffhanger-reactions and detective-analysis to life, dissecting the episode in all its detail. Uncloaked exclusively shared the moments fans were desperate for: interviews with the latest banished and murdered players, including the exact moment they found out who the Traitors actually were.

The Traitors: Uncloaked was brought to life on a bespoke set, designed to feel like the basement of the infamous Traitors castle. Ed Gamble hosted celebrity guests from Stacey Dooley to Krishnan Guru-Murphy, as well as an extra-special live finale episode with Claudia Winkleman and all five finalists from the show. More than 4.4 million viewers tuned into the live final. 

An average of 2 million tuned into each episode of Uncloaked. 25% of UK television watchers tuned into the live final. Uncloaked doubled listeners on BBC Sounds under the age of 35.


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