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Possibly the most important story you’ll ever hear… the story of you. Being born is one of the few things we all have in common, but how much do we know about those first bloomings of our own life? When egg met sperm, cells multiplied and – nourished by a brand-new organ built from scratch by our mother’s body – formed into a tiny little human, floating in fluid.

Child is a new take on the extraordinary life events of pregnancy, birth and the first 12 months of life. Through the lens of society, history, and science, India Rakusen explores what these extremely universal and utterly individual moments tell us about ourselves, our society and where we might be heading.

Each episode of this 27-part series explores what's going on internally and externally, with an immersive and very real examination of the subject and the many social, political, cultural, and personal factors around it. 

Despite the extensive information and centuries of experience on the process of becoming parents, many people still feel in the dark about it and their control over it. This series aims to put powerful information in their hands.  

For BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, Child is produced by the all-female production team behind 28(ish) Days Later.  

“India Rakusen has created a delightful mosaic of trivia about babies and the earliest stages of human life.”

The New Statesman
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