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The impact of this podcast has been profound: listeners have called it ‘life changing’, doctors and teachers have called for it to be added to syllabuses. Some women have demanded referrals that have led to a vital diagnosis.  

28ish Days Later is the landmark podcast for BBC Sounds and Radio 4 exploring everything to do with the menstrual cycle.Intimate, bold and taboo-busting, it tells the story of our bodies through 28 episodes moving beyond discussions of bleeding to follow the whole menstrual cycle, tracking the shockingly untold science of the body, and digging deep to reveal how dangerous echoes of the historic treatment of women remain with us today.  

It takes no prisoners in exposing how much must change in the world to alter the face of healthcare for women. From the terrifying implications of leaving female models out of basic science, to the blind eye we have turned to hormone disrupting chemicals built into everything from nail varnish to tampons. 

The sound of the series was beautifully crafted with specially commissioned composition, created by Rebekah Reid, giving reverence to the womb, and hormones like never before.

28ish Days Later features ideas and conversations with a wide range of contributors, including Dr Anita Mitra (aka the Gynae Geek), Dr Ruth Arumala (Pretty In Pink podcast), author Lisa Lister (Code Red), historian Dr Elinor Gibson (Unwell Women), model, activist and entrepreneur Kenny Ethan Jones (Pink Parcel’s IM ON campaign), Psychologist and author Dr Sarah E. Hill (This is Your Brain On Birth Control), and exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Stacy T. Sims (Women Are Not Small Men).

It has won two LOVIE Awards (2023), Gold British Podcast Award 2023 (Best New Podcast), Apple Podcasts’ Shows We Loved of 2022 and International Women's Podcast Award (2022). It has been featured in The Guardian, Financial Times, Huffington Post, The New Statesman and more.

“Expertly crafted sensitive storytelling with complex scientific journalism, using original composition and sound design to take listeners on an enlightening, relatable and fascinating journey through the too-often unexplored world of menstrual health and hormones.”

Mohit Bakaya, Director of Speech, BBC Audio
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