Titting About, Where’s Home Really?, 28ish Days Later and UNBOXED host all land British Podcast Award nominations

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We’re celebrating another busy year with five nominations at the British Podcast Awards!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the Listen team’s endless hard work, creativity and talent have paid off – we’ve been nominated not just once, but for FIVE prestigious British Podcast Awards! 

Here’s a rundown of our nominations:

🏆 Titting About  with Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders, our Audible Original show, has earned a spot in the Comedy category. The hilarious antics of French & Saunders have brought laughter to countless listeners, and we’re delighted to see their talent recognized in this way.

🏆 But that’s not all, Titting About has also been nominated in the Entertainment category, showcasing the show’s versatility and ability to captivate the audience that love this show so much.

🏆 Where’s Home Really? our thought-provoking production with Podimo, and hosted by Jimi Famurewa, has been acknowledged in the Interview category. With some of the top podcasts globally being of interview format, it feels extra special to be recognised for cutting through and doing something special with these conversations of food, culture and heritage.

🏆 28ish Days Later brought to life with BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, has secured a spot in the Best New Podcast category. We are delighted everyday with the immense audience reaction to this podcast; the anecdotes of enlightening moments for our listeners, where they learn something completely new and eye-opening about their own bodies is what we dreamed of this show doing. This nomination is the cherry on top. 

🏆 Last but not least, the remarkable host of UNBOXED, Jordan Schwarzenberger, who has been nominated for the Rising Star award. Jordan is the voice of the creator economy on this show, and this nomination is truly well-deserved.

We couldn’t be prouder of our team for their outstanding efforts in producing, launching, and growing these fantastic shows, and many others, over the past year. We’re thrilled to be celebrating their success.

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