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Progress is a constant state of learning and unlearning

Writer, curator and producer Liv Little questions our modern understanding of big subjects – consent, race, transness, disability and body image – by learning more about their past.

Unlearn addresses a series of uniquely modern dilemmas: how did we get to the point where couples verify consent to have sex with each other via an app? How has our language about trans issues become so problematic and challenging? Is it possible for us to unpick the toxic understanding we have of our own body image?

Liv talks to contributors from across generational lines about what they’ve learnt and unlearnt during their lifetime in relation to these subjects. Has the progress that was made by each generation been positive? Or has it set us up for a more complicated present and future? And if progress is a constant state of unlearning the knowledge that’s passed on from generation to generation, what comes next?

This podcast is an Audible Original.

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