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Follow the journey of people who are in search of a new career.

Stuck in a career that makes you miserable? Feeling burnt out? Got a dream of what you really want to do as a living but don’t know how to make it happen? Wish you could do something you loved, if only you knew that was?

Career Change Coach, Selina Barker, is here to help.

Listen in as she takes six different people on a career change journey to help them figure out what work they would really love to do and create a plan of how to make that career change happen. In each episode you’ll follow one person’s journey, getting to listen in on their coaching sessions with Selina and following them as she sends them off on a task to try out a new career idea.

In the first session discover how Selina helps them to unpack their career dilemma, cut through the confusion and get clear on what they really want. Then in the second session, after they’ve gone off to do their task, hear how Selina helps them create a career change plan that will help them onto a brand new career path doing something they love.

With Selina offering practical guidance every step of the way, the aim is that by the end of the series you will have picked up tools and tips that can help you make your own career change happen.

This podcast is an Audible Original.

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