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What We Hide and Why

Kit Caless has something to tell you.

When Kit was a child, his father worked for the UK Ministry of Defence’s security forces. But Kit didn’t know it at the time—he wasn’t allowed to know. And reflecting on that, he finds himself thinking about other secrets.

Keeping a secret alters everything. How you view yourself. How you act in social groups. How you interact with a loved one, a boss, a colleague, a neighbour.

Depending on the context, being asked to keep a secret can make you both trustworthy and untrustworthy; powerful and powerless; reliable and unreliable. Secrets are dynamic, they move from person to person, location to location.

Secrets are hard. They hurt. But they also bond.

Secrets is a book about who holds secrets, why, and what the impact of holding a secret can have on you, the community around you, and society in general.

But don’t tell anyone that.

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