Martin Kemp’s New Romantics

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Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet presents a three hour musical journey through the New Romantic era of the 80s and beyond.

Starting with his own 70s musical influences, Martin then dives head first into the New Romantic scene that Spandau Ballet were such a crucial part of, celebrating the music, fashion and personalities that emerged from London clubs Billy’s, The Blitz, Le Beat Route, The Mud Club, as well as Birmingham, Cardiff and Basildon, and their impact on the British and international pop scene of the early 80s.

Guests include founding Visage member, Blitz promoter and DJ Rusty Egan, Blitz Kid and broadcaster Robert Elms, promoter and Blue Rondo founder Chris Sullivan, alternative club scene legend Princess Julia, journalist and author Paul Simper and ex-Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey, currently of Shakespears Sister.

With further contributions from DJ Mark Moore (S’Express / Mud Club) and Playground DJ Fat Tony.

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