Frank Warren’s Heavyweight Podcast

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Our original podcast with legendary boxing promoter, Frank Warren.

Frank Warren knows what it takes to build an empire from scratch. Now in his fifth decade as a boxing promoter, he’s learned a thing or two about what it takes to make your mark on the world. He’s been on the ropes and taken his fair share of blows, but he’s still standing… stronger and more ambitious than ever.

Frank and co-host Adam Catterall chat to others who have reached the top in their areas – sport, journalism, politics, the restaurant trade and more.

The podcast kicks off with an exclusive chat with a true heavyweight, Tyson Fury for episode 1.

We’ll hear how to get what you want from life, alongside stories guaranteed to shock and entertain.


Nominated for Best Indie Podcast

at the ARIAS

Guests include...

Gordon Ramsay, Tyson Fury & Vinnie Jones

A Listen original podcast

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