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Comedian Raul Kohli adventures into his Hindu background to answer some big questions

Produced for BBC Asian Network and featured in Apple Podcasts New & Noteworthy, Comic Sanksrit is a 6-part series (presented by Comedian Raul Kohli) who is on a quest to find out if his Hindu upbringing – which he drifted away from long ago – can help him find the answers to life’s big questions.

With the help of a Pandit, a yogi, some Hindu comedian friends, a surprise Sikh and other wise gurus, Raul takes us on an adventure back into a 4000-year-old religion. It’s a world of monkey gods, Holy cows, X-rated temples and cannabis-laced milkshakes…and some sincere and serious introspection, of course. With any luck, you’ll be enlightened, entertained and shocked in equal measure.

Growing up, religion always felt like a burden to Raul, rather than something that brought him happiness or clarity. Also, given the choice between delicious cheeseburgers and a seemingly complex and strict faith, Hinduism tended to lose out.

But recently Raul’s been doing some reading and has started to think that perhaps he’s got Hinduism all wrong? In fact, thinking about it, does he even know what Hinduism actually is?

Raul Kohli attempts to wrestle the beliefs of billions of people across thousands of years into the format of a comedy podcast series. Don’t worry – if he doesn’t manage it in this life, he can always try it again in the next.

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