A podcast produced to relieve stress, boost happiness and keep dogs company.



by Nick Minter, Executive Producer

We were commissioned by Spotify to produce the very first podcast for dogs. Our producer, Nick Minter takes you through 5 steps he followed to produce this one-of-a-kind podcast.


Step 1 – Get all the dog puns you can think of out of your system

We’re a fairly grown-up, level-headed bunch here at Listen. At least most of the time. But as soon as Spotify told us they wanted to make a podcast for dogs (not for dog owners, actually for dogs), we may have temporarily gone a little bit pun-crazy. Who was our target pawdience? Who would take the lead? Could we whippet into shape in time? Would we do a ruff mix first? What if we were barking up the wrong tree? Would we be in the doghouse? And so on. We’re not proud.


Step 2 – Let potential collaborators go through Step 1 for themselves

[Me, for two full weeks, talking to musicians, agents, sound designers, academics, project managers, assistants etc] “Not for dog owners… actually for dogs


Step 3 – Make the best possible podcast

Take expert advice from relevant academics. Commission ten hours of original calming music. Write stories, facts, jokes and soothing statements of affirmation. Cast great VOs. Record them (pausing only briefly to say, “Not for dog owners… actually for dogs”. Source natural and domestic sounds designed to calm. Produce an audio trailer to promote the world’s first/best/only podcast for dogs, and create a “Making of…” accompaniment podcast for the target audience’s human friends to listen to. You know… make a podcast for dogs.


Step 4 – Allow yourself a brief moment of uncertainty

Personally, mine involved waking up at 4am on launch day, whispering “what…? were…? we…? thinking…?” in a voice so quiet that even a best-in-show Cocker Spaniel would struggle to hear.


Step 5 – Go on Twitter

Enjoy endless photos of supremely relaxed pooches, paws aloft, either fast asleep and dreaming of dog biscuits, or happily on the verge of contented slumber. Sure, it also got picked up everywhere from the BBC,  ITV, CNN and NPR to The Guardian, The Times and Forbes, and on outlets from Hong Kong to Australia and New Zealand and back. But we didn’t particularly care what they had to say. We only cared what Billie had to say. And Billie, as you’ll see below, said “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

You can listen to My Dog’s Favourite Podcast here.