Innovative and groundbreaking new music podcast featuring full tracks from some of the best breakthrough artists.


We have partnered with BMW and renowned presenter Edith Bowman to bring you ‘Play Next’, a podcast series unlike any other. Play Next is a 10-part series exploring new music and those who are pushing the boundaries.

Throughout the series, Edith guides the listeners through a range of topics covering the music of tomorrow: from the future of festivals and record stores to the process of making music, the most exciting emerging platforms or the role music plays in social change.

On each episode, Edith interviews an up-and-coming artist who is challenging the status quo in one way or another, play a few of their tracks and delve into the fascinating creative process behind them. On top of that, each of the ten shows welcomes a key pioneer of the music industry to help unpack the topic in question – expect top music artists, producers, record label owners, well-known journalists, festival organisers and even music legends like Hans Zimmer.

Edith Bowman said: “I am thoroughly excited about this podcast. The music industry is an ever evolving machine and I’m looking forward to speaking to a fascinating collection of people at the top of their game to find out where we go from here.  But I’m particularly thrilled to be celebrating new music. It’s been exhilarating to explore and discover some wonderful bands and artists who are doing really fantastic things.”

Michelle Roberts, Marketing Director at BMW UK, added: “Music plays such an important role in our lives – from attending live events to simply listening in your car, it’s hard to imagine where we would be without it. This podcast talks to some of the innovators in this world, and also shines a light on the next generation of artists. We felt this was particularly important in 2020, as many of these artists haven’t had a platform this year. The Play Next partnership is an extension of BMW’s support for music. Like all other music fans, we might have had to cancel our festival plans this year, but we’re proud to bring this podcast to the listener.”

Listen to the podcast here.