A unique podcast for Churchill.


By Maddie Hickish, Producer

We’re very happy to present our latest podcast project Little Chapters of Chill, brought to you by Churchill. In this series we combine enchanting stories with simple mindfulness activities to create a unique podcast experience for children.

Our protagonist is Churchie the dog, whose main objective is to chill. In each episode, Churchie the dog goes on an adventure and helps the characters he meets along the way to calm down, take a breath and chill out – and our listeners can join in too. For example, they can practice a calming humming exercise with a buzzing bee, help a baby dragonfly to breathe deeply and join in with flustered geese as they listen to the relaxing sounds of the countryside.

This project is the result of some top-notch remote collaboration – a challenge everyone rose to fantastically. Imaginative sound design was provided by engineer David Thomas, whose own dog Meg provided some of the SFX. Thanks Meg! It was also a real pleasure to work with stories written by children’s author Sue Pickford as well as the beautiful narration provided by Giovanna Fletcher. In fact, Giovanna’s readings are so warm and engaging, I can guarantee you’ll be charmed by these stories whatever age you are.

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