In-depth conversation with Michael Ball and the legendary Carole King, reflecting on her life in music


Michael Ball is joined by the legendary singer-songwriter, Carole King, for an in-depth conversation reflecting her life in music. Carole reflects on her early years as a struggling songwriter and her eventual breakthrough with songwriting partner, Gerry Goffin. Working together in the legendary Brill Building, they would go on to create some of the biggest and most iconic hit songs of the 1960s. The catalyst for this process was the friendly rivalry of fellow songwriting duo, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill.

Carole recalls the phenomenal success of her landmark album, ‘Tapestry’, and how she reluctantly became a solo performing artist under the global spotlight. She explains to Michael how she dealt with fame and the rollercoaster journey which followed, a story now told in the musical based on these events, ‘Beautiful’.

As a fellow performer and lifelong fan of this incredible artist, Michael gets to the heart of her music and explores the feeling behind the lyrics. This is Carole King up close and personal and, at times, emotional, telling the story of her life in song.

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