Season Two of the Podcast Meeting the Innovators Shaping Tomorrow

Darby Dorras
Director of Content
2nd November 2023

The new series promises exclusive conversations between Scottish Mortgage managers, and the visionary leaders solving some of the world’s most complex problems.


Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust and production company, Listen announce the anticipated return of thought-provoking podcast series, Invest in Progress. The second season promises to delve deeper into the world of cutting-edge innovation and disruptive technology, as seen through the eyes of the Scottish Mortgage managers.

The new season of “Invest in Progress” takes you on a journey to discover both familiar and lesser-known companies that are pushing the boundaries of progress. Listeners can expect engaging conversations with pioneers and founders of the businesses shaping the world of tomorrow, including:

31st October: Aurora, the autonomous truck driving company’s Founder and CEO Chris Urmsom

21st November: Leading meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh’s Founder and CEO,  Dominik Richter

12th December: Joby Aviation, the pioneering electric aircraft company’s Executive Chairman, Paul Sciarra

2nd January: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, Moderna’s managing director Stephane Bancel

Join managers Tom Slater and Lawrence Burns as they take you behind the scenes of some of the most remarkable companies of our time. Through engaging conversations with founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, each episode offers an exclusive glimpse into the boardrooms of change-driving companies that are shaping the future. Discover inspiring stories of transformation, innovation, and the challenges these trailblazers have faced on their journey to success.

Claire Shaw, Investment Specialist for Scottish Mortgage says “We think we have a portfolio of the most exciting growth companies in the world. Behind these companies is a creative founder who has a desire to solve a problem and the vision and drive to establish a business that does something meaningful. This podcast gives listeners access to conversations that usually take place behind closed doors, between our managers and the leaders of these exceptional growth companies. They are truly fascinating discussions and we think they represent what our style of investing is all about.”

The first episode of season two is out now, listen here.

Important Information:
As a UK investment trust, Scottish Mortgage must adhere to regulatory guidelines, which means certain content is restricted to specific audiences in specific jurisdictions. Please check the podcast description to ensure that it aligns with your location and eligibility. Remember, your capital is at risk when investing.

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