Season two of Jimi Famurewa’s acclaimed podcast, Where’s Home Really?

Darby Dorras
Director of Content
2nd November 2023

🏆 Where’s Home Really?, which won ‘Silver’ for ‘Best Interview Podcast’ at this year’s British Podcast Awards, delves further into Jimi’s deep-rooted passion of exploring the shared experiences that people from different backgrounds growing up in London and what impact that has made in modern society.

In each episode, Jimi asks his guests to reveal a person, phrase, place, and plate that best represents what home means to them. Season one included an array of emotional, unique and hilarious tales told by guests. From Big Zuu revealing a near-death experience he had when choking on a fish bone whilst eating okra soup and why his infamous BAFTA speech felt even more important than the award itself, to Nihal Arthanayke describing why Public Enemy gave him a sense of belonging and why he avoided attending football games for 20 years despite being a huge fan of the sport.

For series two, Jimi will be speaking to a range of guests, kicking off with an interview with TV personality, chef and BBC Two’s Great British Menu host Andi Oliver. Further guests throughout the season will include the likes of Nadiya Hussain, Amir Khan, Adjoa Andoh, Doc Brown, Corinne Bailey Rae and more.

Listeners can expect to hear another enlightening series filled with vivid memories, anecdotes and revelations to help us better understand ourselves, our neighbours and the modern world.

Jimi Famurewa says: “For Where’s Home Really? to have won ‘Best Interview’ at the British Podcast Awards feels both enormously gratifying and, also, like the best possible timing as we get ready to invite another set of well-known faces to talk about culture, heritage and fascinating ways we all find that sense of home and belonging. These conversations always feel like a series of vivid journeys; into the Bolton boxing clubs that made Amir Khan, onto the Bangladesh rice farm where Nadiya Hussain slept under the stars, and into the heat and the noise of the punk gigs where Andi Oliver found her tribe. I can’t wait for listeners old and new to see the moving, unexpected and outrageously funny places that each guest takes us in series two.”

Where’s Home Really? season two is available to listen to on all major podcast platforms now.

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