Listen announces brand-new podcast, Where’s Home Really?

Darby Dorras
Director of Content
1st March 2023

Where’s Home Really? is a brand-new podcast series hosted by British-Nigerian writer, broadcaster, and restaurant critic Jimi Famurewa, available from Thursday 2nd March.

Best known for his role as a guest judge on BBC One’s Masterchef and one of the lead judges on Channel 4’s The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver, Jimi has long been fascinated by the relationship between food, culture, and heritage.

In 2022, Jimi released his critically-acclaimed book Settlers which delves into the journey of the vibrant, hidden world of black African London through food, faith, and culture. Jimi will use the work from his book as a springboard for his new podcast series, Where’s Home Really?

During the series, Jimi will speak to well-known names including Big Zuu, Andi Oliver, Charlene White, Asma Khan, Andrew Wong, Stephen K Amos, Jyoty Singh, Nitin Sawhney, Melissa Hemsley, Rickie Haywood-Williams and Evelyn Mok.

In each episode, Jimi asks his guests to reveal a person, phrase, place, and plate that best represents what home means to them. Each guest will share their own unique experiences and emotional responses to the question ‘Where’s Home Really?’ with fun, fascinating and moving results.

Each interview offers a fresh insight into public figures we think we know, as Jimi digs deep into the guests’ culture, heritage, and feeling of belonging. From Stephen K Amos, who speaks to Jimi about growing up watching Trevor McDonald on ITV News which gave him hope that there was a space for him as a non-white person in the TV industry, to Asma Khan opening up about feeling detached from her UK heritage before moving back to Calcutta, learning how to cook and returning to the UK to start her successful supper club.

Jimi shares his own understanding of ‘home’, from growing up in South East London and his family in Lagos, Nigeria, and how this has impacted his relationship with food.

Where’s Home Really? is set to entertain, inspire and enlighten as it helps us better understand ourselves, our neighbours, and the modern world.

The first episode will feature an interview with stand-up comedian, writer, and TV personality Stephen K Amos available to listen to from Thursday 2nd March.

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