Listen and Arcade Media to take over The Rise Up Stage on day one of The Podcast Show

Evangeline Robinson
Marketing Manager
18th April 2023

We have news! In partnership with Arcade Media, Listen will be taking over the Rise Up Stage on day one of The Podcast Show 2023. If you want insights and practical tips on harnessing the power of the creator economy then this is a must-see.

The Podcast Show is a unique industry event. We attended last year and learned a lot networked, and even saw some of our favourite podcast hosts in person. Since then our work has amped up massively, we’ve won awards, launched new shows and expanded our team. Notably, we launched our first Listen Original podcast, UNBOXED. UNBOXED sees Jordan Schwarzenberger interview top content creators like Max Fosh, Toni Tone and Mariam Musa, who have taught us, first hand, the power of the creator economy.

On the 24th May 2023, we bring these conversations to listeners in person at The Podcast Show. Over the last few months we’ve been busy behind the scenes lining up a roster of incredible talent and crafting a day of talks that will focus on what the podcast industry can learn from the creator economy, it’s set to be a huge event.

On the day we invite you into our network of top names from across the creator economy, as they engage in panels, talks and discussions to share their take on this growing industry and what it means for podcasting. Expect insights and actionable tips, from the role of podcasts in engaging audiences more deeply, to the ‘how’ of monetising content. Plus, we’ll be showcasing some of the incredible talent we work with, influential figures from across the industry and the voices we look up to.

Who is going to be there?

Visual version of our day of talks, as outlined in article text.

10AM: Why Should Podcasters Put LinkedIn At The Heart Of Their Promotional Strategy?
Are you using LinkedIn to promote your podcast? If not, you should be!

Hear from Head of Creator Ventures at Linkedin Editorial, Pia Brady, and YouTuber, Caspar Lee on how to build out your podcast and personal brand using LinkedIn, including how to effectively syndicate your content, what the editorial team are looking for, and best practices for engaging with your community on the platform. Plus there will be a special announcement you won’t want to miss.

The session will be chaired by UNBOXED podcast host and manager of The Sidemen, Jordan Schwarzenberger, who himself has amassed an audience of over 32,000 followers on LinkedIn.

11AM: What Can The Intersection Between Podcasting And TV Learn From The Creator Economy?
Whether it’s an always-on companion format, behind the scenes deep dive, scripted world building with new narratives, or an unofficial fan show – podcasting can be an invaluable marketing tool for TV, film and visual brands, growing cult-like communities around them.

Join Netflix’s Rae Votta, Sky’s Tom Pauc, and Love Island: The Morning After podcast host Indiyah Polack as they discuss how creators are influencing this genre with Listen’s Director of Content, Darby Dorras.

12PM: Shows vs Podcasts: How Creators Are Turning The Idea Of Podcasting On Its Head.
Have we reached the point where a podcast is no-longer a podcast? One of the most exciting podcasts of 2022 came from TikToker Madeline Argy and hasn’t been available wherever you get your podcasts! It’s only been on YouTube.

Why did Madeline go down this route and where does she see the future of her podcast going? Hear from Madeline in conversation with UTA Audio Agent Shelby Schenkman and Jordan Schwarzenberger.

2PM: How To Win Big On YouTube With Podcasts
Are you maximising the potential for your podcast on YouTube? If not, you’re missing a trick.

YouTube is becoming the most exciting, and arguably most important, platform for podcasters in 2023. For their only appearance at The Podcast Show, MD of YouTube UK, Alison Lomax, will be in conversation with Jordan Schwarzenberger, and podcast host and YouTube creator Patricia Bright. The session will be hosted by Listen’s MD Josh Adley.

3PM: Are Creators The Future Of Podcasting?
With YouTubers and TikTokers knocking long-standing podcasters off the top of the charts, it’s becoming clear that creators who have entered the podcasting arena have serious skin in the game.

Hear from Spotifty’s Jonny Mounsor on why they believe creators are building the future of podcasting. Also on the panel is creator and business owner, Grace Beverley, who shares her podcasting journey, plus WillNE on recently knocking Joe Rogan off the Spotify chart top spot, and Business Insider Creator Economy reporter Marta Biino on why she’s so excited about the space. The session will be chaired by UNBOXED podcast host, and manager of The Sidemen, Jordan Schwarzenberger.

How to get tickets?

We’re thrilled to be a part of The Podcast Show and can’t wait to share our knowledge and insights. To be there on the day get your tickets here and use code LISTEN for 10% off. We’ll see you there!

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