Using audio for your internal staff communication

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Communicating with your staff is crucial at this critical time, as plans change by the day. Audio is a great medium to do this.



1. You can manage the tone of an important company message far better through audio than email

2. The personal nature of audio will help keep staff motivated and properly informed

3. People are used to audio forming part of their daily routine & you can encourage your team to go for a short walk (if safe to do so) whilst they listen

4. Less screen time allows people to concentrate, rather than it feeling like another email to read or video conference to tune in to

5. The intimate nature of audio helps build trust. You aren’t presenting to your team – your message can be carefully crafted & delivered

6. You can put a call out for questions from the team at the start of the day and have them answered in a daily round up at the end of the day

We are set up to allow all work to be done remotely (including your recording) and turnaround can be incredibly fast to keep everything reactive.

Everyone can record from their home, with different people joining at the same time (where required).

If you would like to have a conversation about using audio/podcasts to keep your teams updated, email

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