28ish Days Later named one of Apple’s ‘Shows We Loved’ in 2022

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Listen’s landmark podcast series for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, 28ish Days Later, has been selected by Apple Podcasts UK & Ireland as one of five ‘Shows We Loved 2022’. The series, launched in March and aired live on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in July, has been carefully selected by Apple’s editorial among five other shows that together ‘gripped, moved and entertained us, and kept us listening, laughing and thinking all year long’.  


28ish Days Later is a taboo-busting 28-part podcast series which follows the menstrual cycle from bleeding to, well, bleeding again – with all the amazing science, drama, history, personal stories and politics in-between. Host India Rakusen, executive producer Suzy Grant, producer Ellie Sans and assistant producer Jorja McAndrew spent six months producing this groundbreaking series, capturing numerous contributors’ experiences of menstruation and consulting experts with the aim of tackling a collective menstrual illiteracy and demonstrating that when it comes to your cycle, everyone is unique. 


The reaction to 28ish Days Later has been incredible. Not only has the series been featured in the likes of The Guardian, The Times, Elle and Financial Times, but it was also featured by Apple for International Women’s Day, recommended live on air by BBC newsreader Shaun Ley and received the Moment of Insight From a Role Model award at the 2022 International Women’s Podcast Awards. 


Perhaps more importantly, the response from listeners has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments such as ‘this should be on the national curriculum’, ‘I wish I’d known this information years ago’ and ‘I made a doctor’s appointment after listening to this’ are a testament to how informative and invaluable this series has been in helping people to better understand their bodies and ultimately, to break the stigma of talking about our menstrual cycles. 

We would like to thank Apple Podcasts for selecting 28ish Days Later as one of their favourite shows of 2022, and we hope that this series goes on to reach even more listeners for whom this will be a valuable resource.

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